ADEZIF PE 421 Abrasion resistant UHMW polyethylene adhesive tape

  • ruban adhésif simple face en polyethylène UHMW épais avec protecteur bleu adezif PE421




  • High resistance to abrasion and wear
  • Dampens noise and promotes sliding due its low friction coefficient
  • High chemical resistance

Possibilities of presentation

  • Available widths: up to 610 mm
  • Cut in rolls or formats

Description of ADEZIF PE421

The ADEZIF PE 421 tape is a single-sided adhesive with a high density polyethylene backing (called UHMWPE : Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene) and a rubber adhesive mass.

Its non-stick properties are very effective and are also associated with a high resistance to wear and abrasion as well as a low cofficient of friction, which facilitates the product sliding.

It is often compared to Teflon which has a higher temperature resistance than UHMWPE. However, the resistance to wear and abrasion is a point allowing to differentiate them: if you use abrasive paper on two surfaces, the first one covered with teflon and the other with UHMWPE, it is easy to notice that the abrasion on teflon is immediately visible and that the surface can then damage the products. With UHMWPE, the wear caused by the abrasion will not damage the products: UHMWPE is 3 to 10 times more efficient thant teflon, depending on the use.

Other advantages of ADEZIF PE 421:

  • High chemical resistance: resist to aggressions of inks, paints or other chemical products
  • Absorbs energy to reduce noise and avoid squeaking
  • Low coeffient of friction increases production speed
  • Inert backing: can be used in food environment

If you want a greater thickness, ADEZIF PE 423 adhesive tape has the same properties and characteristics as PE 421 but is thicker (305 μm).


ADEZIF PE 421 is mainly used on conveyor guide rails, food, grain or waste chutes, packaging table tops, shaping mandrels...

Technical data

Colour White, with blue liner
Thickness 178 μm
Length 33 m
Backing material Polyethylene with blue siliconized film liner
Adhesive type Rubber
Temperature resistance -40°C to 107°C
Conversion Cut in rolls or formats
Available widths Up to 610 mm