ADEZIF PV002 Flexible clear slot hole adhesive hang tabs

  • Languettes de suspension adhésives ou onglets de suspension autocollants transparents en forme de delta ADEZIF LS020




  • Delta-shaped cut-out: secures the hold on the shelving spindles
  • Highly abrasion resistant PVC backing
  • Ready-to-use hang tabs block for easy installation


  • Box: 50 blocks of 10 tabs

Description of ADEZIF PV002 self-adhesive slot hole hang tabs

ADEZIF PV 002 transparent hanging tabs allow you to display your products vertically on your in-store shelves, front facing.

These adhesive hang tabs are flexible, i.e. foldable in the middle, so that they can be stuck on any side of the product and customize its display.

They optimize the visibility of your products and your merchandising. The PV002 can support loads up to 340 g.

Main features: 

  • Pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Transparent: does not obscure packaging graphics and markings
  • Ready-to-use, linerless tab block for easy hand application
  • Slot compatible with single or double wire pins
  • Triangle hole for Europe EU pin
  • Delta-shaped cutout: secures hold on pins">
  • Reduced packaging materials
  • Abrasion resistant material

Applications of ADEZIF PV 002 heavy duty adhesive hang tabs

Hanging tabs are the ideal solution for hanging products at retailers, but also for repairing torn or damaged packaging.

  • Packaging, fixing
  • Repair of damaged display cards
  • Repair of damaged packaging
  • Display and hanging
  • Hanging of products that are difficult to display

ADEZIF PV002 flexible adhesive hanging tabs adhere to most products or packaging surfaces for hanging on the shelf.

Technical data of ADEZIF PV002 clear plastic self adhesive hang tabs

Adhesive Rubber
Backing material PVC
Total thickness 381 µm
Supported load

Recommended : 283 g

Maximum : 340 g

Dimensions 50.8 x 50.8 mm
Opening hole Delta 33.3 mm wide
Adhesion on steel 6 N/cm
Tensile strength 6000 lb/in
Colour Clear

10 tabs per block

50 blocks per box

Application temperature +18 °C / +32 °C
Temperature resistance +10 °C / +32 °C