ADEZIF BU113 Cylindrical self-adhesive bumper feet





  • Round and flat shape allowing a good cohesion
  • Resistant to aging, UV, abrasion
  • Different sizes for all applications

Presentation possibilities

  • Box of 5040 units

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Description of the ADEZIF BU113 non-slip bumper feet

The BU 113 is a high performance polyurethane adhesive stop, much stronger than conventional rubber stops.


It is resistant to noise, vibration, abrasion, UV and washing. It also has excellent adhesive properties to stay in place for a long time.


Triple use :

  • Bumper stop : For doors, drawers, windows...
  • Spacer/protector: To store glass or steel panels...
  • Feet : For displays, POS, computer equipment...


Other features

  • Heat dissipation
  • Sound-damping
  • Discreet and easy to apply
  • Leaves no trace on surfaces
  • Guaranteed not to yellow (for transparent bumper feet)

Other ADEZIF stick-on rubber pads available

Adezif offers other sizes of cylindrical adhesive stops to best suit your needs:

BU111 Transparent or black 10 mm 1,5 mm Get a quote in 24h
BU112 Transparent or black 12 mm 3,2 mm Get a quote in 24h
BU114 Transparent or black 19 mm 4 mm Get a quote in 24h
BU115 Transparent or black 19,7 mm 3 mm Get a quote in 24h
BU116 Transparent or black 14 mm 4,5 mm Get a quote in 24h

Examples of industrial applications

  • Furniture : furniture protection, non-slip pads under chair legs...
  • Glass industry : anti-shock protection for glass table tops...
  • POS or exhibition displays
  • Manufacture of household appliances
  • Electronic or computer equipment (e.g. laptop stands)
  • Automotive industry
  • ...

Technical data

Color Transparent or black
Shape Cylindrical (circular and flat)

Diameter : 19 mm

Height/Thickness : 1,9 mm

Backing material Polyurethane
Adhesive type Acrylic
Temperature resistance

+66°C - Continuous temperature

+107°C - Peak temperature

Packaging Box of 5040 units


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