ADEZIF BU217 Clear hemispherical adhesive bumper

  • butée autocollante en polyuréthane épaisse et transparente de forme hémisphérique adezif BU217




  • Hemispherical shape, clear
  • Ideal for POS display supports
  • Resistant to UV rays, without bleaching

Possibilities of presentation

  • Box of 8,280 units

What are the characteristics of ADEZIF BU217 ?

The ADEZIF BU 217 reference is an adhesive bumper made of polyurethane. It is hemispherical, clear and discreet and is ideal for being positioned on clear surfaces such as glass and Plexiglas. It has good bonding capacity on all other types of high surface energy surfaces such as metal, wood and (Formica, polycarbonate, ABS…).

It is twice as thick as the 3M SJ 5302 clear bumper and therefore has a better shock absorption capacity. Its rounded contact surface reduces the propagation of sounds and vibrations. It has a long lifetime.

Like all clear bumpers, its adhesive is acrylic, which has the distinction :

  • of being clear
  • of not damaging the surface

Its use in POS displays and electronic materials or appliances is common.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like a clear bumper adhesive in another size or another shape.

Typical properties

Colour Clear
Shape Hemispherical

Diameter : 11.1 mm

Height : 5 mm

Backing material Hard Polyurethane
Type of adhesive Acrylic
Temperature resistance Up to 66°C continuously, 107°C peak temperature
Delivery unit 1 box of 8,280 units