Wide reel stand accessory for automatic tape dispensers TDSTAND03

  • Accessoire de dévidoir automatique pour ruban adhésif grandes bobines Adezif DM100




  • Stand designed for cutting large diameter rolls
  • Can be used with most automatic reels
  • Ideal for intensive and continuous production lines

Presentation possibilites

  • Tape width: up to 76 mm (also available in 203 mm)

Description of the reel stand accessory for large diameter adhesive tapes

Is your dispenser only suitable for small diameter rolls ?

TDSTAND03 is an accessory for automatic dispensers designed for cutting large outer diameter rolls of tape.

With this holder you can adapt your automatic dispenser to rolls with a diameter of more than 180 mm and facilitate the application of adhesives in intensive and continuous industrial production lines that use large rolls.

Adezif DM 100 Wide external reel stand accessory for tape dispensers

Main features :

  • Handles up to 508 mm diameter and 75 mm width rolls
  • Compatible with rolls of labels, tape and non-adhesive materials
  • Fast and easy to set up

Industry benefits :

Industrial operators change tape rolls less often:

  • Fewer interruptions to the manufacturing cycle
  • Time saving and more efficiency
  • More comfortable working environment

This holder is also available for tape width up to 203 mm. Contact us !

Tips for using TDSTAND 03

TDSTAND03 reel stand can be used with most automatic dispensers provided that you check its compatibility with the distribution system.

This accessory is not compatible with manual dispensers and some special gears such as protector winding systems.


Watch our demo with the programmable automatic dispenser TDA080 and the double-sided tape automatic dispenser RT 7000 (available at Adezif):

  1. Place the stand at the back of your automatic reel, as close to it as possible.
  2. Place your large diameter roll on the removable axle, making sure to center it.
  3. Stick the end of the adhesive tape on the dispenser's wheels (power off).
  4. Check the alignment of the tape with your device. If necessary, adjust the position of the holder or the roll.
  5. Turn the dispenser on and use as normal.

TD STAND 03 can also be used as a simple manual holder, to facilitate the handling of label rolls or pre-cut adhesive parts, for example.

Technical data

Colour Black
Dimensions 173 x 213 x 264 mm
Weight 3 kg
Tape width 76 mm (also available in 203 mm)
Tape external diameter Up to 508 mm 
Chuck diameter 76 mm