ADEZIF PV425 high temperature double-sided PVC tape

  • Ruban double face PVC haute température ADEZIF PV425




  • Excellent bonding on all types of surfaces, including non-polar surfaces
  • Temperature resistance up to 130°C
  • Economical product

Possibilities of presentation

  • Available widths : Up to 1,000 mm
  • Cut in rolls, pieces

What are the characteristics of ADEZIF PV425 ?

The ADEZIF PV425 tape is a double-sided tape with PVC backing material and high performance acrylic adhesive. It has excellent resistance to humidity and climatic variations.

Its special feature is that it bonds to all types of substrates and in particular those with low surface energy like PP, PE, PVC, all that combined with good resistance to high temperatures (up to 130 °C).

That differentiates it from the TESA 4970 double- sided tape whose maximum temperature resistance is not higher than 70°C.

Another advantage of ADEZIF PV 425 is its very interesting price-quality ratio, which makes it an economical and effective product.

It is often used for POS operations to fix decorative items, displays or signs under conditions where there could be an increase in temperature, like for example under spotlights in a display window.

Typical properties

Colour White with a yellow silicone-coated liner 
Thickness 0.250 mm
Length 50 meters
Backing material PVC
Type of adhesive Acrylic
Temperature resistance 130°C
Conversion Cut in rolls, pieces
Available widths Up to 1,000 mm