ADEZIF MV 812 Special PVC acrylic foam adhesive tape

  • Ruban adhésif mousse acrylique spécial PVC adezif MV 812




  • Firm acrylic foam adhesive
  • Ideal for assembly on plasticizers like PVC or vinyl
  • Excellent performance in static shear adhesion

Possibilities of presentation

  • Available widths : up to 900 mm
  • Cut in rolls, pieces

What are the characteristics of ADEZIF MV812 ?

ADEZIF MV 812 tape is a double-sided white acrylic foam tape whose main property is resisting several plasticizer migrations : its use is therefore ideal for material such as PVC or vinyl.
It is also suitable for material coated in powder coating, but for better temperature resistance (up to 120°C continuously), choose ADEZIF MV 708 tape.

Its acrylic foam backing material is firm, which gives it excellent performance in static shear adhesion. Its adhesion on the surface is instantaneous and the bond strength increases with natural ageing. It is important therefore to give this tape time to improve its performance.

One important factor to note is that this tape is resistant to UV and to solvents.

Given the different types of PVC, don’t hesitate to consult us in order to check on the compatibility of ADEZIF MV 812 with your material.

Typical properties


Colour White with a red film liner
Thickness 1.1 mm
Length 33 meters
Backing material Acrylic foam adhesive
Type of adhesive Acrylic
Temperature resistance 95°C continuously, 150°C peak temperature
Conversion Cut in rolls, pieces
Available widths Up to 900 mm