ADEZIF MV282 - MV283 Ultra thin viscoelastic tape special electronics





  • Ultra-thin double-sided adhesive tape for assembly of materials
  • Very high initial tack, strong adhesion power
  • Ideal for electronic assembly and small, difficult bonding

Possibilities of presentation

  • Available widths: up to 1020 mm
  • Cut in rolls or formats

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Description of the double sided ultra thin tape ADEZIF MV282 - MV283

ADEZIF MV282 or MV283 foam tape is a very thin double sided tape designed to adhere to a wide variety of high and medium surface energy materials such as PVC and ABS. Combined with a primer (or adhesion promoter), this adhesive also provides excellent adhesion performance on low surface energy subtrates.


It is a viscoelastic acrylic foam tape (type 3M VHB) capable of absorbing the dynamic loads and the different thermal expansions of the assembled materials.


The MV282 has a red PE film liner. The MV283 has a siliconized paper liner.

Compatible materials

  • ABS, polycarbonate, rigid PVC, phenolic resins, glass, epoxy, aluminium, steel (galvanized, enameled, stainless, with nickel), ceramics, most molded elements


  • Excellent resistance to solvents, UV, water
  • Excellente temperature resistance
  • Very high initial tack, exxcellent adhesion to various materials
  • Replaces rivets, screws, spot welds and liquid adhesives
  • No bimetallic corrosion

Applications of ADEZIF MV282 or MV283 viscoelastic acrylic foam tape

ADEZIF MV 282 or MV 283 is very discreet and practically invisible in many applications. It is frequently used in die-cut shapes for the assembly of light, thin or small parts.


It is ideal for use in difficult industrial bonding applications, especially in electronic assembly (including modern electronic devices).

  • Bonding of parts for digital cameras, smartphones
  • Use for processor control systems
  • Fixing of flexible circuit stiffeners
  • Bonding of lenses and antennas
  • Fixing of identification plates and displays
  • ...

Advice on using ADEZIF MV282/MV283

Surface preparation

  1. Before bonding, always check that the materials to be assembled are clean and degreased: see our page dedicated to surface preparation and cleaning.
  2. If necessary, clean the surfaces with and industrial degreaser cleaner. Use an appropriate professional product: ask the technical experts at Adezif for advice.
  3. Depending on your application, a primer can be applied to optimize the final strength of the bond.

Quality of the assembly

The quality of the bonding depends largely on the contact between the two surfaces to be joined. Thanks to its viscoelasticity, MV282 tape penetrates the microscopic pores of most materials.


On difficult to bond surfaces with low surface energy, the bond will achieve its final strength less efficiently if the materials are not pressed together. in this case, we recommend that you apply a pressure of at least 100kPA to the joint to ensure a perfect bond.

Technical data

Colour Black
Thickness 250 μm
Length 55 m
Backing material Conformable acrylic foam
Adhesive type High performance acrylic

MV282 : Red PE film

MV283 : Siliconised paper

Density 840 kg/m³
Peel adhesion 30 N/cm
Temperature resistance Minimum -40°C
Long term : +100°C
Short term : + 160°C
Conversion Cut in rolls or formats
Available widths Up to 1020 mm


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