Loctite 3526 UV glue for glass and plastic

  • loctite 3526 colle UV pour verre et plastique




  • UV glue ideal for plastic and glass
  • Forms a solid and translucid adhesive joint
  • Heat curing is possible !

Possibilities of presentation

  • Capacity : 25 ml, 1 L

Characteristics of Loctite 3526 UV cure adhesive

Loctite 3526 is a UV adhesive developed by the Loctite company. It is liquid when not exposed to UV light and cures when exposed to UV rays or to natural or artificial light.

The final bond is transparent, durable, mechanically resistant and the polymerization is deep (more than 13 mm of adhesive thickness).

Loctite 3526 is also heat curable (15 minutes at 120°C). This is called secondary polymerization. It is useful when surfaces are accessible to light.

Loctite 3526 is suitable for a wide variety of substrates such as glass, plastics, metals and ceramics.

When curing with UV light, one of the two substrates must allow the UV light to pass through at the appropriate wavelength for the adhesive.

Technical data of Loctite 3526 UV glue

Specific tools such as a UV lamp and protective glasses are necessary for the application of the adhesive. Safety data sheet is available on the website www.quickfds.com.

Technical informations  
Color Transparent amber
Capacity 25 ml, 1 L
Chemicals Acrylic
Viscosity 17 500 mPa.s
Curing/Polymerization UV and Visible light
Temperature resistance -40°C to 140°C
Other curing system

Yes - Heat curing: 120°C for 15 min

Curing depth > 13 mm
Dry to the touch < 5 seconds
Fixing time 5 seconds

25 ml and 1 L : box of 10 units