Threebond TB 3013R and TB 3003H acrylic UV adhesives for bonding and sealing





  • Ultra fast UV curing
  • Multi purpose: assembly, coating, sealing...
  • High temperature resistant up to 150 °C


  • Capacity: 250 g or 1 kg

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Description of Threebond TB 3013R UV and TB 3003H curing resins

Threebond 3013 R and 3003 H are solvent-free, single-component UV acrylic resins.


They harden in a few seconds when exposed to UV rays at a wavelength between 200 and 400 nm.


The difference between 3003H and 3013R is mainly in the dynamic viscosity at 25 °C: TB3003H is less viscous than 3013R.


You will need to choose the UV adhesive with the appropriate viscosity for your application and surfaces.

Main features:

  • Mono-component acrylate without solvent
  • Immediate polymerization under UV light
  • Excellent temperature resistance: from -40 °C to +150 °C
  • Multi-purpose: permanent bonding, sealing, coating, filling...

How to use Threebond 3013 R and 3003 H UV adhesives

  • Before opening the bottle, let the product at room temperature to avoid condensation inside.
  • Surfaces must be free of moisture, grease and other impurities in order to achieve optimal results.
  • Adapt the quantity of product to be applied to the nature, dimensions and condition of the surface
  • Use an appropriate lamp whose UV spectrum corresponds to the specificities of the photoinitiators contained in the adhesive. See our page dedicated to the choice of UV curing equipment.
  • Any extracted product should not be returned to the original packaging. Wipe off excess product with a cloth (the adhesive does not cure until exposed to UV light)
  • Store the UV resin in its original, tightly closed container in a dark, dry, well-ventilated place at a temperature between 5°C and 25°C.

Technical data of the UV glue TB3013R

Colour Clear
Viscosity at 25 °C 10000 mPa.s
Thixotropic index 5.2
Density at 25 °C 1.06
Depth of cure 10 mm
Shore A hardness 50
Elongation 156 %
Tensile strength 2.64 MPa
Shear strength - PC 4.29 MPa
Shear strength - Acrylic 1.75 MPa
Breakdown voltage 26 kV/mm

Technical data of the UV glue TB3003H

Colour Clear
Viscosity at 25 °C 1500 mPa.s
Refractive index 1.4971
Density at 25 °C 1.07
Shore A hardness 77
Elongation 210 %
Tensile strength 12.5 MPa
Shear strength - PC 4.2 MPa
Shear strength - Acrylic 4.5 MPa
Shear strength - Glass 2.4 MPa

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