3M IC Industrial Cleaner Citrus Base Spray

  • 3M Nettoyant dégraissant industriel IC Industrial Cleaner




  • Helps dissolve and remove adhesive residue, dirt, grease, tar and much more
  • Non-corrosive
  • Citrus oil based cleaner not based on chlorinated or petroleum-based solvents


  • Capacity : 500 ml spray, 5 L canister

Details of 3M IC Industrial Cleaner Degreaser

3M IC Industrial Cleaner is a product developed by 3M clean and degrease dirty surfaces. It helps dissolve and remove dirt, grease, tar and much more for a wide variety of industrial uses.

  • Removes and cleans adhesive residue
  • Non-corrosive
  • CItrus oil based cleaner not based on chlorinated or petroleum-based solvents
  • Heavy-duty degreaser/cleaner wipes away with just a shop towel after use
  • Cleans gently, leaving a pleasant citrus scent

Effectively removes residues of :

  • uncured glue
  • adhesive tapes, stickers or labels
  • heavy oils, grease and wax
  • dirt, tar, marker
  • rubber, silicone

3M Industrial Cleaner IC is based on limonene, leaving a pleasant citrus smell after use. It can be applied on a large number of surfaces such as metals, painted or not, aluminium or stainless steel, concrete, glass, ceramics...

The 3M industrial degreasing cleaner is presented :

  • in aerosol for a punctual and fast use
  • in 5L can for a reserve in the maintenance workshops

It is corrosion resistant and does not stain the cleaned surfaces. It is ideal for general finish cleaning of machined parts, electrical equipment, cables, motors or other precision tools. It can be used to degrease materials to be bonded as an alternative to other common chlorinated or petroleum-based solvents.

Not recommended for use :

On freshly painted surfaces. 3M IC Industrial Cleaner may also attack some plastics, painted materials and rubber. 

Always test before use.

Directions for use

  1. Best results are obtained when the product is stored at room temperature
  2. Shake at least 5 seconds before use
  3. Point the nozzle at the marking on the aerosol ring
  4. Spray directly on the dirt to be cleaned
  5. Wait a few minutes for complete penetration of the product
  6. Wipe with a clean cloth (rinse or dampen the cloth if necessary)
  7. Repeat the entire operation if the adhesive is too thick to be removed at once

Caution : The degreaser is not a substitute for abrasion or any other surface preparation before bonding.

Consult our page dedicated to surface preparation in order to find the steps of a successful surface preparation before bonding.

Technical data

Colour Clear
Capacity 500 ml spray, 5 L can
Chemicals D-limonène, Propane, Glycol ether, Non-ionic surfactant
Density 0.85