3M VHB Tape Universal Primer UV for plastic, metal, glass and painted surfaces



  • Surface preparation


  • Compatible with many surfaces
  • Increased industrial traceability thanks to the UV indicator
  • Short drying time for better productivity
  • More environmentally friendly and less toxic

Possibilities of presentation

  • 237 ml / 950 ml / 3,78 L / 18,9 L

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Description of 3M VHB Universal UV Primer

3M VHB Universal UV Primer is a bonding primer that optimizes the adhesive performance of a bond on many substrates, including difficult to bond surfaces.


It has the same performance as 3M 94 primer but integrates new features such as an innovative fluorescent tracer that makes it visible under UV light. this allows you to effectively check that the primer has been properly distributed on your substrate, using an ultraviolet lamp. This reduces the risk of errors and contributes to good industrial traceability if the surface has been primed in advance or by someone else.


It is ideal for reinforcing bonding with 3M VHB double-sided adhesive tapes.


3M Universal UV Primer is particularly recommended for bonding to metals, painted surfaces and plastics such as polypropylene, ABS, PMMA, polycarbonate, polyamide, reinforced plastics, rigid PVC and other difficult to stick substrates.


Use on polyethylene is not recommended.


Its formulation has been designed to combine performance and safety :

  • UV indicator: effective quality control in industry
  • Fast drying : increased productivity
  • No CMR substances : more respectful of health and environment

How to apply 3M Universal UV Primer ?

Typical properties of 3M VHB UPUV

The following information is average data.

Color Colorless, slightly cloudy solution containing a blue fluorescent dye
Capacity 237 ml / 950 ml / 3,78 L / 18,9 L
Types of chemicals Heptane, branched, cyclic and linear, methyl acetate, non-volatile polymeric components, citric acid, tributyl ester, acetate, dimethylcyclopentane, maleic anhydride
Dry extract Approx. 5% (contains fine particles which may sediment: shake before use)
Density 0,820
Viscosity Max. 25 mPa.s
Flash point -21°C (closed cup)
Drying time 30 to 90 sec. depending on ambient temperature
Storage time

18 months in the original unopened container stored between 15 and 27°C

Storage mode Closed original container