3M SJ 3419 – 3418 Scotch Special self-gripping aeronautical tape

  • 3M sj3419, 3418 Scotchmate à coudre pour aéronautique




  • Non adhesive product
  • Velcro sewing bands resistant to fire
  • Frequently used in aeronautics

Possibilities of presentation

  • Available widths : 19 mm, 25.4 mm, 50.8 mm, 101.6 mm

What are the characteristics of 3M 3418 - 3419 ?

The SJ 3418 “loop” part and SJ 3419 “hook” part are from the SCOTCHMATE range of the manufacturer 3M, and more specifically Velcro-type products that have no adhesive.

These self-gripping bands are therefore to be sewn on cloth surfaces of clothing to allow for adjustable closure that can be repositioned at will. They are fire resistant and comply with the standard FAR 25 853.

These Velcro bands are often used in the aeronautic industry to attach the cloth of aircraft seats (that can be changed if necessary) and also as a fixture for closing curtains on airplanes.
In addition to being fireproof, they can be washed and dry cleaned without losing their gripping features.

Typical properties

Colour Black or beige
Thickness For the two engaged tapes : 3.8 mm
Length 45.7 meters
Backing material 100 % Nylon
Temperature resistance Up to 93°C
Available widths 19 mm, 25.4 mm, 50.8 mm, 101.6 mm