3M 5419 Single sided Polyimide Kapton film tape for low static protection

  • 3M 5419 Ruban adhésif Kapton pour soudure à la vague




  • Low static electricity for protection before wave soldering
  • Excellent resistance to high temperatures
  • Good puncture resistance

Possibilities of presentation

  • Available widths : Up to 25.4 mm
  • Die-Cut in pieces


3M 5419 tape is a single sided adhesive tape with polyimide backing material (brand KAPTON) from the scotch tape range of the manufacturer 3M.

The main feature is that it is an adhesive tape with low static electricity and it was created according to a specific patent.

It is mainly used to protect sensitive electronic components (such as gold plated connections) during wave soldering of printed circuits.

Indeed, it is the sudden electrical discharges that cause the most damage to micro-components, and generally speaking all integrated circuits are very sensitive to static electricity. 3M 5419 adhesive tape prevents any degradation of the integrated elements due to static electricity.

Another advantage is that it is thin and easy to implement on different surfaces such as aluminium, ceramic and of course, printed electronic circuits.


Colour Gold
Thickness 0.07 mm
Length 33 meters
Backing material Polyimide KAPTON
Type of adhesive Silicone
Temperature resistance Up to 260°C
Conversion Die-cut in pieces
Available widths Up to 25.4 mm

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