ADEZIF AC 700 Strong and water-resistant aerosol adhesive

  • Colle spray industrielle haute performance et résistante à l'eau ADEZIF AC 700




  • Immediate adhesion, excellent durability
  • Water resistant and heat resistant up to 70°C
  • High covering power with a single spread

Possibilities of presentation

  • 500 ml aerosol bomb
  • 13 kg disposable canister

Description of ADEZIF AC 700 aerosol adhesive

ADEZIF AC 700 is a high performance industrial spray adhesive for strong and instant bonding.

  • Contact adhesive
  • Single spread on most compatible materials
  • Double spread possible to strengthen specific assemblies
  • Strong and immediate adhesion
  • Very good water resistance
  • Temperature resistant up to 70°C
  • No ODS (ozone depleting substances)
  • Precise spraying and high coverage

Applications and compatible materials

The AC700 spray adhesive is specially designed to bond the following substrates:

  • Fabrics
  • Foams
  • Acoustic panels
  • Insulating panels
  • Decorative coatings
  • PVC and PVC Forex panels
  • Medium wood

CAUTION! Do not use this product on these materials:

  • Plasticised vinyl, flexible plastics, explanded or extruded polystyrene, PE, PP, monochrome.

The Adezif team recommends you do a test before any application to make sure a product is compatible with the surfaces.

If you are unsure, ask our adhesive solutions experts for advice.

Instruction for use

For an optimal bonding, use ADEZIF AC 700 spray glue at a room temperature of approximately 15°C.

  1. Your surfaces must be cleaned, degreased and dry: read our page on surface preparation and cleaning.
  2. Shake the adhesive aerosol vigorously.
  3. Spray the glue onto one or both surfaces (depending on the application and materials)
  4. Wait 1 or 2 minutes until the glue is no longer wet.
  5. If your substrates are porous or difficult to access, spray another coat after the first one has dried.
  6. Assembly the surfaces together and press firmly for a strong bond.
  7. After use, do not forget to purge the aerosol bomb: position it upside down and press until no more glue escapes.

The adhesive reaches its full strength after 24 hours.

Storage: 12 months from date of manufacture. Do not store on the ground if temperature is below 15°C.

Technical data for AC700 aerosol adhesive

Color Transparent white
Capacity 500 ml aerosol bomb / 13 kg canister
Adhesive base Synthetic polymer
Solvent Hydrocarbon
Type of spray "Spider web" laces
Drying time 2 to 3 minutes
Temperature resistance Up to 70°C
Adhesive spread Single or double spread