ADEZIF TO440 Tear-proof adhesive cloth for protection against rodents, rats, mice...

  • Ruban adhésif simple face toile polyester noir indéchirable pour protection câbles automobiles et fils électriques




  • Ideal for bundling and protecting cables and wires
  • Used in the automotive industry and as an anti-rodent protection
  • Resistant to ageing, abrasion, temperature, chemicals

Presentation possibilities

  • Available widths: Up to 1035 mm
  • Cut in rolls, pieces

Description of ADEZIF TO440, tearproof adhesive cloth for cable protection

The reference ADEZIF TO 440 is a textile adhesive tape used for the protection of cable bundles and electrical wires.

It is made of smooth, highly abrasion-resistant black polyester (PET) fabric and an acrylic adhesive mass. It is compatible with manual or machine use.

This tear-proof cloth tape is frequently used in the automotive industry for winding electrical cables, and as a protective sheath for cables against rodents (rats, mice or other pests).

Main features:

  • Low and high temperature resistant
  • Heat resistant up to 150 °C continuously (for 3000 h) and 175 °C for shorter periods (for 240 h)
  • Solvent-free
  • Resistant to abrasion and aging
  • Rot-proof
  • Compatible with PVC
  • Smooth backing
  • Strong adhesion
  • Good dielectric qualities
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals and hydrocarbons (e.g. diesel/petrol) for more than 2 weeks


Adezif can transform TO 440 tape with a laminating technique, in order to optimize its resistance for your demanding applications.

Adezif TO440 is particularly suitable for cutting. We can cut it into rolls of the width of your choice or into customized formats for your application.

Example of adhesive die-cuts made from TO 440 for a client's masking application:

Applications of TO 440, anti-robbery textile adhesive tape for wiring

ADEZIF TO440 single sided duct tape is commonly used for manual or machine bundling and wrapping of cable sets and wire harnesses.

  • Anti-rodent protection of cables and harnesses, especially in the automotive industry
  • Insulation of electrical wires, e.g. in stereophonic systems
  • Cable bundling in sensitive areas such as hospitals
  • Smooth anti-abrasion protection: pallet truck wheels, public works...
  • Fitting, jointing: rubber mat fitting, temporary repair of hoses while waiting for the replacement of parts...
  • Can be used as masking tape: TO440 can be removed without leaving any marks on most surfaces.

The correct application of the TO 440 is ensured by the controlled unwinding force. The final end of the tape should be applied to the tape itself and secured by thumb pressure.

Technical data

Black (orange or ivory on request)
Thickness 270 µm
Length 50 m (66 m available on request)
Backing material Polyester (PET) cloth
Adhesive type Acrylic
Temperature resistance

-40 °C / +150 °C

+175 °C for 240 h

Adhesion on steel 5.5 N/cm
Elongation at break 30 %
Tensile strength 250 N/cm
Conversion Cut in rolls, pieces
Available widths Up to 1035 mm