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  • Krylex industrial instant adhesives
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  • Krylex KB544 cyanoacrylate glue for industry
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About Krylex 

The KRYLEX brand was created in 2012 by CHEMENCE, a leading European manufacturer of industrial adhesives and sealants for over 30 years. This high quality range is developed in modern facilities located in England. KRYLEX® delivers industry professionals worldwide with products that are competitive, readily available and that help improve productivity by reducing manufacturing processes and costs.

KRYLEX products distributed by ADEZIF 

Adezif is the exclusive distributor in France of Krylex products. We also distribute Krylex solutions internationally.


KRYLEX range of products includes several categories adapted to industrial bonding or sealing:

  • High performance cyanoacrylate adhesives such as the KB 544 reference (available in gel) or the KI 001, specific for 3D printing.
  • Anaerobic adhesives for assembly of metal materials (such as KR486), locking threads (such as KT 422), fixing fittings (such as KR 016) or sealing threaded connections or flat surfaces (such as KS 425)
  • Acrylic adhesives
  • UV curing adhesives
  • Adhesive activators
  • Adhesion promoters/primers


KRYLEX range of products has been developed specifically for industry and for various markets such as construction, automotive, transportation, medical equipment, gas distribution or electronics.


Krylex provides high quality adhesives for automated manufacturing, low and high volume applications, assembly, repair and equipment reconditioning.