ThreeBond TB1739 Instant cyanoacrylate gel adhesive

  • Tube de ThreeeBond TB 1739, colle cyanoacrylate en gel




  • Non-drip gel
  • Excellent gap filling
  • Suitable for porous or acidic surfaces

Possibilities of presentation

  • Tube of 20 g

Characteristics of ThreeBond 1734 cyanogel adhesive

ThreeBond TB1734 is a single-component, solvent-free, high-performance, industrial-grade cyanoacrylate gel adhesive.

Suitable for general-purpose applications, it cures in seconds at room temperature and bonds strongly to metals, most plastics and rubbers.

It cures quickly without hardener, pressure or heat, reducing assembly time.

Its thixotropic viscosity (a non-flowing gel) also makes it ideal for assembling and permanently fixing rough, porous or acidic surfaces. Gaps and gaps are filled perfectly.

It has a low odour, is easy to dose and is colourless, which is an advantage for assemblies where aesthetics are important.

The product bonds in seconds :

  • all metals (including coated metals): steel, aluminium, zinc, alloys and ferrites
  • most plastics
  • rubber
  • hard paper
  • wood and cellulose
  • ceramics
  • stone
  • glass
  • leather

Our advice:

  • Use TB1797 primer before bonding plastics such as PE, PP and polyacetal.
  • Use TB1796B accelerator to speed up curing or in adverse conditions such as large spaces or low humidity.

To optimise final adhesion, the surfaces to be bonded must be prepared so that they are clean and free of grease.

Typical properties

Colour Clear
Container 20 gr
Chemical type Cyanoacrylate ethyl

23,000 mPa.s

Fixture time

10 to 45 seconds

30 seconds on metal and rubber

Temperature resistance -50°C to + 85°C