Printed adhesive tape

  • Printed adhesive tape with differents colours
  • Printed adhesive tape with 2 colours
  • Ecologic Printed adhesive tape kraft with 1 colour
  • Printed adhesive tape with a logo
  • Custom printing starting from 36 rolls
  • Communicate your brand and logo
  • Secure your shipments
  • Several colours available

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Description of printed adhesive rolls

Printed adhesive tapes are mainly used to associate the packaging of your products and the communication about your brand. We offer printed adhesive tape in 1 colour, 2 colours, 3 colours and in 4 colours (printing of a colour picture). Available in small quantities starting from 36 rolls and also in large quantities for manufacturers with large volumes.


We offer 2 techniques for that :

  • printing before application of adhesive (for large quantities)
  • printing after application of adhesive (small quantities). 


There are several materials that can be printed :


Polypropylene tape


  • the most economical, the PP is the least expensive printed adhesive tape
  • The PP is recyclable and is resistant to acid and moisture
  • It is available in varying thicknesses depending on the weight of the package; the most used thicknesses by manufacturers are: 28 µm, 32 µm, 35 µm, 50 µm, 56 µm
  • Available with different types of adhesive : Solvent-based, acrylic, hot melt.
  • Available in printed rolls for machines in 990m or 1,000m
  • Can resist temperatures lower than 5°C and higher than 35°C (with solvent-based adhesive)
  • Silent unwinding with acrylic adhesive
  • Example of references scotch 371 and 3739 in polypro hot melt


PVC tape


  • The most qualitative of the printed adhesive tapes
  • Suitable for long-term storage
  • Silent and regular unwinding
  • Mechanical tensile strength
  • Hand tearable
  • UV resistant
  • Immediate bonding on many surfaces
  • Better printing quality and ink setting—clearer letters

Cloth tape

  • Easily hand tearable
  • Available in many colours
  • Instant bonding on many surfaces
  • Can removed without leaving adhesive residue
  • Great tensile strength


Bi-directional filament tape


  • The most mechanically resistant printed tape
  • Instant bonding on many surfaces
  • Available in custom widths


Kraft paper tape

  • The most ecological of the printed tapes
  • Easily hand tearable
  • More aesthetic because it is the same colour as cardboard


Hazard warning tape or personalized barricade tape

  • Non-adhesive product used mainly on worksites
  • 3 available thicknesses (35 µm, 50 µm and 80 µm)
  • Ideal for marking a worksite or area


These products are available and custom manufactured in our 3 sites: Adezif Nord, Adezif Paris and Adezif Cartha.

Like all printers, we send you a press proof before manufacturing and printing your adhesive tape. We also offer the pattern plate component fees for orders of 360 1-colour printed rolls. The main widths are 12 mm, 15 mm, 19 mm, 25 mm, 38 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm and 100 mm and the main lengths are : 66 metres, 100 m, 660 m and 990 m.


Some tips for choosing your printed tape ?  

Are you looking for an economical printed tape ? Choose PP (polypropylene) tape with acrylic adhesive and 1-colour.

For low temperature applications and resistance to cold, choose a solvent-based adhesive for better grip.

Are you looking to secure your shipments? There are standard printed tapes that say “security”, “non compliant”, “fragile” that are more economical and enable you to avoid paying the pattern plate component fees. An example is 3M 3128 printed red “fragile” scotch tape.

For industrial applications, opt for long-length printed tapes

Examples of applications of personalized adhesive roll ?

  • Closing cardboard boxes and packaging
  • Packaging spare parts
  • Securing shipments with film and printed adhesive tape 
  • Recycling-error identification on trash bins and recycling bins for communities and towns
  • Identification of non-compliant batches