2-track manual dispenser for single-sided PVC and PP adhesives - ADEZIF DA200





  • Manual desktop dispenser for 2 tapes of 25 mm width
  • For single-sided PVC and PP polypropylene tapes
  • Heavy-duty, replaceable steel blades

Presentation possibilities

  • Tape width : 2 x 25 mm
  • Chuck diameter : 76 mm

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Description of the 2-track manual dispenser DA 200

The DA200 is a manual tabletop dispenser for single-sided PVC and polypropylene (PP) tapes up to 25 mm wide.


It has two separate tracks for simultaneous use of two rolls of tape (e.g. of different colors, qualities or prints).

Main features :

  • Heavy and robust
  • High resistance carbon steel serrated blades
  • Easily replaceable blades
  • Independent hubs for easy tape replacement


The DA 200 is also available in a 4-track version.

Technical data

Colour Black
Weight 2,42 kg
Tape width 2 x 25 mm
Tape external diameter 155 mm
Chuck diameter 76 mm
Adhesive tape types Single sided PVC and PP adhesive tapes


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