Die-cut adhesive pieces

  • 3M 9088 double-sided polyester Die-cut adhesive pieces
  • Teflon Die-cut adhesive piecesteflon on reels
  • repositionable Die-cut adhesive pieces on glass
  • doble-sided Die-cut adhesive pieces
  • Your adhesive already die-cut in your dimensions
  • Several pieces available
  • Fast custom manufacturing

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Your custom die-cut adhesive

The company ADEZIF has a considerable fleet of special cutting machines spread over its 3 workshops :


This fleet of machines allows us to offer a wide variety of pieces. It is also possible to produce new cutting tools very quickly. Die-cutting technical adhesives to the exact measurements required for an application enables you to save a considerable amount of time during your adhesive application operations. There are several die-cutting presentation possibilities that adapt to users’ industrial and logistical constraints. 


From very small production batches (around 10 pieces) to large batch production (several million pieces), ADEZIF has die-cutting technology that meets manufacturers’ needs. Almost all adhesive tape references can be cut on our machines.

There are several die-cutting techniques for adhesive pieces :


Flat bed die-cutting

  • Small and medium batch production
  • Limited tooling cost


Here is a demonstration video about flat bed die-cutting a double-sided foam adhesive tape



Rotary die-cutting

  • Medium and large batch production
  • Variable tooling costs (from a few hundred to several million €uros)


Here is a demonstration video about rotary die-cutting a double sided VHB adhesive tape.



Digital die-cutting

  • Small and medium batch production
  • No tooling cost
  • Different technology (oscillating blade, rotary blade, water jet cutting)

These different custom cuts are available on the sites of Adezif Nord, Adezif Paris and Adezif Cartha.

Some tips for choosing your custom die-cut adhesives ? 

Some examples of industrial applications for die-cut adhesives ?

  • Double-sided pads for making POS
  • Transparent single sided pads for closing brochures and boxes
  • Bonding front panels/screens in the electronic industry